Teambuilding is an art form. Moonbeam is an artist. Gut Punch doesn’t really have the high-class style to appreciate art. Maybe that’s why when the Gut Punch boys attend Moonbeam’s Corporate Teambuilding & Team Working Workshop in the Woods they fail to grasp the teambuilding spirit. However, they do make a new friend.

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A corporate internship for a young professional can be a place where work ethics are molded into solid foundations for future success. A Gut Punch internship is something completely different. Watch as Reg, Scooter & Webster seek to impart their small business savvy onto the future of advertising hopefuls who apply.

The rent is due, but Reg has a plan. When that plan fails, Reg has yet another plan. Watch and see the guys learn the true meaning of tit for tat.

Webster is diagnosed with gout and the Gut Punch team discovers an online community already using the term "gut punch".